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Floor Ashlee Simpson.
Floor Monroe Brown.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
Floor.mp3 3.304.06.20 10:13:390:06:55 64S22
Landrisina.mp3 9.904.06.21 07:34:360:10:22128S44
Scooter.mp310.304.06.19 01:03:080:10:48128S44
Fous Ta Cagoule.mp3 20:36:520:08:38128S44
Emmylou Harris.mp3 05:45:490:06:45 64S22
Bende.mp3 3.304.06.21 09:09:030:06:55 64S22
Darko Radovanovic Moj Dragane.mp310.804.06.19 05:41:550:11:20128S44
Antymezo.mp3 9.704.06.19 02:30:230:10:11128S44
Ustad And Divas.mp3 8.504.06.23 19:38:340:08:57128S44
Kj Rlighet.mp3 3.404.06.18 23:26:310:07:14 64S22
Baruni.mp310.104.06.18 22:34:160:10:32128S44
Gumi Maci Mp 3.mp3 20:11:300:06:50 64S22
Darko Radovanovic.mp3 9.904.06.21 07:34:360:10:22128S44
Sink.mp3 3.304.06.21 09:09:030:06:55 64S22
Carly Simon.mp3 3.304.06.21 09:09:030:06:55 64S22
Of Punk.mp3 21:40:000:09:29128S44
Scooter.mp3 20:49:340:07:28128S44
Ashley Simpson.mp3 07:35:300:09:24128S44
Marzenie.mp3 3.304.06.19 02:59:180:07:04 64S22
Ratm.mp3 20:26:090:06:43 64S22
Nie Ma Mowy.mp3 05:14:240:09:23128S44
2brothers.mp3 13:44:270:08:25128S44
Kelly Clarkson.mp3 9.604.06.20 10:29:300:10:06128S44
Dragonforce.mp3 06:11:010:06:38 64S22

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